Gato Group Poland Sp. z o.o. is one of the leading Polish distribuitors of door handles, door stoppers, ceramic tiles and curtain rods. Our products are appreciated by both designers and our customers. We are delivering our products for both domestic and European markets.

Thanks to their creativity and originality, our products have a distinct feel, richness and discipline of the form. moreover, the effective company management has led us to exlopring new opportunities and achieving new goals. What inspires us, is the world around us, from European culture to the exotic mysteries of the Far East. All of the above and be found in our brands. We would like you to enjoy our products beacause of their elegance and style. We are constantly experimenting with new ideas. We want to be sure that when buying GATO, you are getting the best quality possible. That is why we have a strict supervision system and high quality control standards for all our suppliers.

We are a team of dedicated professionals with extensive market experience and perfeccionism – all to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction.